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Caran d'Ache Technalo Set

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Caran d'Ache Technalo Set


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Size: SET/7


$42.20 / EA

Discover the surprising artistic effects of water-soluble graphite with this nomadic set composed of 3 Technalo grades (6B, 3B, B) and 3 RGB colour variations (Red, Green, Blue) which produce subtle nuances in contact with water.

Graphite. The pure beauty of the raw material, mined from the deepest veins, is one of the artist's greatest pleasures. From the plenitude of black to magical shades of grey, the play of light and shadow expresses the refinement of a sketch, a study or a finished piece of work. From the first to the last pencil stroke, the pure essence of graphite shines through.

The limitless possibilities of black are available in a range of infinite variations: wash drawing, aquarelle, stippling, hatching, script, tone work, graded applications, soft-textured effects, technical and artistic drawings, and mixed techniques.

  • 1 x waterbrush
  • 1 x Technalo RGB Blue
  • 1 x Technalo RGB Red
  • 1 x Technalo RGB Green
  • Technalo B
  • Technalo 3B
  • Technalo 6B
  • 1 x metal tin