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Textile Mediums

Alter and enhance the look of your work with a variety of mediums. Simply click the name below for more detailed information.
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Name Size Price Qty  
Setacolor Thickener 45ML 6.60
Setacolor Lightening Medium 45ML 6.60
Setacolor Expandable Paint 45ML 6.60
Pebeo Setacolor Discovery Opaque Set 6X20ML 20.60
Jacquard Alum 1LB 9.90
Jacquard Batik Wax 1LB 24.20
Jacquard Soda Ash 1LB 5.30
Jacquard Synthrapol 8OZ 12.60
Jacquard Urea 1LB 5.30
Jacquard Water-based Resist 2.25OZ 6.50
Jacquard Water-based Resist 8OZ 15.30
GOLDEN Specialty Acrylic Polymer GAC 900 32OZ 51.30
GOLDEN Specialty Acrylic Polymer GAC 900 8OZ 20.60
Jacquard Carrageenan 4OZ 43.90
Jacquard Soda Ash 5LB 15.30
Jacquard Microcrystalline Wax 1LB 17.50
Jacquard Airfix 60ML 13.90
Jacquard deColorant Color Remover 8OZ 10.70
Jacquard deColourant Mist 4OZ 11.70
Jacquard Silk Salt 2OZ 2.90
Jacquard Fabric Sculpting Medium 16 OZ 33.50
21 found, showing page 1 of 1