With the right eraser, you can remove or highlight charcoal, pastel or pencil drawings. Opus carries a variety of erasers for you, simply click on the name below for a more detailed description
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Name Size Price Qty  
Dixon Pink Pearl Eraser - Large LARGE 1.10
Dixon Pink Pearl Eraser - Medium SMALL 0.90
Faber-Castell Mini-Sleeve Eraser - Red or Blue 3.60
Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil with Brush 2.90
Faber-Castell Sleeve Eraser - Black 7.60
Faber-Castell Sleeve Eraser - Red or Blue 7.60
Faber-Castell Triangle Grip Eraser - Grey 2.90
Faber-Castell Triangle Grip Eraser - Red or Blue 2.90
Factis BM2 Eraser Pen 13.10
Caran d'Ache Technik Eraser 5.30
Factis BM2 Eraser Pen Refill PK/3 7.70
General's Factis Black Magic Eraser 2.20
General's Factis Egg Gum Eraser 2.70
General's Factis Extra Soft Eraser 2.20
General's Factis Plastic Eraser 5.90
General's Factis Softer S20 Eraser 1.80
General's Kneaded Eraser - Jumbo JUMBO 3.70
General's Kneaded Eraser - Medium LARGE 2.40
General's Kneaded Eraser - Small SMALL 1.30
General's Tri-Tip Eraser 2.70
Helix Auto Eraser Refills 4.20
Helix Professional Automatic Eraser 16.90
Pentel Twist-Erase Refill Erasers PK/3 2.90
Sakura Electric SE-3000 Eraser 72.70
Sakura Electric SE-3000 Eraser Refill REFILL 15.20
STAEDTLER Karat Art Eraser 2.20
STAEDTLER Mars Plastic Eraser 1.90
STAEDTLER Mars Plastic Eraser Holder 4.30
STAEDTLER Mars Plastic Eraser Holder Refill 2.10
Sumo-Grip Eraser 3.10
Sumo-Grip Retractable Eraser 7.30
Sumo-Grip Retractable Refill PK/3 5.50
Tombow MONO Black Eraser 2.00
Tombow MONO Dust Catch Eraser 2.40
Tombow MONO Light Eraser 2.00
Tombow MONO Sand Eraser 4.40
Tombow MONO Zero Eraser Set - Rectangle 8.90
Tombow MONO Zero Eraser Set - Round 8.90
Tombow MONO Zero Rectangular Eraser Refill RECTAN 3.00
Tombow MONO Zero Round Eraser Refill ROUND 3.00
Tri-Conderoga 15 Eraser Multi-Pack PK/15 3.80
Quartet Felt Chalkboard Eraser 2X5 8.00
Expo Whiteboard Eraser 9.50
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