Looking for an affordable and durable rigid support of artist-grade quality? Try Opus Birch Plywood Panels with oils, acrylics, or encaustic by preparing the unfinished wood with the ground best suited to your media.

This unprimed surface is made from Russian Birch. The sturdy " (6.35 mm) depth offers a strong yet slim profile that is lightweight, making these panels ideal for the plein air painter.

Get creative and try incorporating the natural wood grain into the imagery of your artwork, mount photographs to the boards to give them presence on the gallery wall, or try them as a base for sculptural pieces. They are also a great surface for popular acrylic pouring techniques. Click here to watch our introductory video to Acrylic Pours!

Available in 21 sizes from 5″  7″ to 22″  28″.

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