Designed for use with acrylic colours, Hahnemühle Acryl's elegant satin finish helps limit absorption so your open time is not affected and colours stay brilliant and true; it also helps resist buckling.

Each 155 lb (330 gsm), white sheet has a subtle linen textured for a more traditional canvas feel, in a paper that is acid-free and age resistant.

These blocks of 20 sheets are glue-bound on all sides, with a gap to aid in the removal of completed work.

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Name Size Price Qty  
Hahnemühle Acrylic Sheet 19X25 5.90 GV
Hahnemühle Acryl Acrylic Block 9X12 22.30
Hahnemühle Acryl Acrylic Block 11.7X1 30.90
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