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Pebeo Marbling Inks set of 6

Pebeo Marbling Inks set of 6


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Create amazing marbled effects using these marbling inks from Pebeo. These colors can be used on more than just paper; try them also on wood, and plaster. Each colour is ready-to-use immediately, and can be mixed to create even more shades.

Using a prepared water bath withĘthickener powder, simply drop the colored inks in patterns or swirl together. Then dip in your object to be marbled and watch the colour transfer onto it. Marbling paints can also be used in water without a marbling bath; effect will be narrower and the shades more pastel.

Marbled fabrics must be fixed with an iron to make them launder-proof. Air-drys in minutes with a transparent gloss finish.

Includes 6 x 20ml plastic bottles