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GOLDEN Hard Molding Paste

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Size: 8OZ
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Expand creative possibility and expression of your acrylic paints.

GOLDEN Hard Molding Paste is a blend of Extra Heavy Gel Gloss and Molding Paste made of 100% acrylic polymer emulsions.

Mixing with other acrylics gives better clarity of color than other molding pastes because of the lower level of opaque fillers. Due to the thickness and solid levels, this product retains tool marks better than the other Molding Pastes.

When used alone or mixed with other products, such as Heavy Body Acrylics, it offers a hard, flexible, satin and semi-transparent film, capable of holding good peaks.

TextureHighly textured, holds peaks
For Use WithAcrylics, Collage, Mixed Media
Range8 oz, 16 oz, 128 oz