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Speedball 110 Monofilament Printing Screen

Speedball 110 Monofilament Printing Screen


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Size: 12X16


$34.80 / EA

Do you have a need for speed? Are convenience and ease your big concerns? You can have all these with the Speedball Printing Screen frames.

The smooth hardwood frames are pre-stretched with number 110 mesh screen fabric. The corners are securely joined for durability. The fabric is tautly stretched using a cord-lock system which allows the fabric to be removed and replaced if desired.

  • Comes in a range of standard sizes: 8" × 10", 10" × 14", 12" × 16", and 16" × 20"
  • 110 mesh screen fabric is made of polyester monofilament, and has 110 holes per linear inch
  • Fabric cord-lock system can be used to tighten existing fabric, or replace it entirely
  • Sizes are based on the inner area of the screen
  • 110 mesh fabric is a good option for a wide range of printing applications