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POSCA Acrylic Paint Markers PC-5M Medium Set of 8

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Size: SET/8
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The Posca 8-Color PC-5M Medium Set includes eight PC-5M medium bullet tip markers in black, white, red, yellow, blue, light blue, green and pink inks.

The PC-5M medium bullet tip marker is the "multi-purpose" marker of the POSCA range. It produces neat and precise lines, and is ideal for coloring. This versatile marker can be used to customize, create, decorate or mark anything that inspires you: paper, minerals, ceramics, wood, metal, textiles, plastics, leather, wax, and more! Non-toxic, water-based POSCA markers can be used on almost any surface so you can express your creativity freely.

The alcohol- and solvent-free opaque paint covers well, is blendable, dries quickly and can be overlaid when dry. There is no need for a base; these versatile markers can be used on paper, glass, cardboard, wood, porcelain, metal, textiles, ceramics, plastic and much more without priming (the markers will however produce different results on certain surfaces with a primer). They can also be used like watercolor when mixed with water and a brush.

The pen has a valve mechanism for a tight paint seal and a ball inside the barrel that mixes the paint, allowing for even paint consistency, texture and continued optimal results. The pen tips can be rinsed with water and some are reversible.

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